Do you ship internationally?

My prints do! Art prints are shipped all over the world. Original work is limited to the US at the moment.

Do you accept returns?

I aim for all information, photographs and shipping information to be as accurate as possible. Therefore all sales are final, except in the case of damage. If your painting has been damaged, if able, make the courier aware upon receipt. You can email me at hello@bycait.com with any problems regarding your order and I will try my best to rectify any issues.

What mediums do you use?

Acrylic mainly but I love to experiment with digital art and watercolor.

What happens after an Original order is confirmed?

I celebrate! You will receive a confirmation email about your order. Then I will re-varnish the painting if necessary, prepare the work for shipment, and schedule through UPS. I will then send you an email confirming that the item has shipped and give you the tracking number to monitor the shipment.

How is the original artwork packaged?

The artwork is wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap. The corners are reinforced with cardboard. The box is chosen based on painting size with appropriate filler to make sure the painting does not move around and is buffered against any accidental drops.

How is the original artwork shipped?

Currently pieces are shipped via UPS Ground.

What happens after a print order is confirmed?

I celebrate! You will receive an confirmation email about your order as well as a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

How are prints packaged?

The prints are wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a triangular cardboard tube. Framed prints are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in an appropriately sized cardboard box.

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